ALG ensures that all variable codes are functional. Code functionality is a partnership between being able to read the code and the code delivering the correct content. ALG has a 100% in-line inspection system that provides grading and verification while the job is being printed on press. The instant an issue is found, the production team is notified so the problem can be corrected.


Let us define a few terms to clarify some differences in the marketplace:


  • Scanning: Ensuring that the content of the code is easily read when scanned.


  • Grading: Requirement that the barcode meets certain predetermined industry standards established by governing bodies such as ISA/IEC or ANSI. The standard that ALG had adopted is ISO/IEC 15415 for 2D codes although we can conform to multiple grading standards.


  • Verification: Ensures that the intended content of the code has been encoded correctly. This is done by checking the code against an established database or ensuring that the information is correctly sequenced. (For example: that sequential numbers are produced in order - 1001, 1002, 1003.)


  • Reporting: ALG has the ability to produce a record of the evaluation of the code to demonstrate compliance to specifications required.

The starting point with any type of verification, begins with scanning. Once you know it scans, you can grade the code. The task of verifying the code is a separate process. Some points to keep in mind:


  • You can scan and verify the content of a code, yet never grade it.


  • You can scan and grade a code, yet never verify it.


  • Grading a code is NOT verifying it. Grading and Verifying are two separate processes. To ensure codes are functional, you must do both!


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