With many years of experience in this industry we know what Ag Equipment manufacturers require in their products.


It starts with outdoor durable materials and inks that provide long life. Our ALG Premium Vinyl and ALG Safety Colors have been proven in the field for over 20 years to meet these needs.


Paired with finishing options such as laminating that add another layer of durability, we have proven solutions that result in quality, outdoor durable products ready to meet the demands of your challenging environment.


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Few industries must meet more performance standards than Chemical Tanks.


From durability in exposure to chemicals, adhesion and application challenges due to different surface materials, as well as meeting federal guidelines with easy-to-read chemical information/notifications - all make for challenging production.


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The Commercial Cooking Equipment industry requires serious performance features due to the extreme heat that is present.


For these high heat conditions, we can provide a variety of materials that will meet the industry standards across a range of temperatures.  To support this performance and standards, these labels and decals have undergone UL testing to meet or exceed the temperature required.


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Long a leader in the fire suppression industry, ALG began in 2000 to develop a new UL approved construction that delivered improved opacity, destructibility, repositionability and durability that resulted in superior performance. This construction is now the industry standard.


Since that time, ALG has continued to improve our processes to now offer 6 UL 299 approved systems for this industry.


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ISO Certification is an important part of producing parts for the Medical Equipment industry.  With ALG's ISO certification, along with the many different printing processes that we are able to provide, has made ALG a perfect fit for this industry.


These high ISO standards, matched with the many printing and finishing solutions we can provide, results in a wide range of products we can produce that perform to these high standards.


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OEM continues to be a core segment of ALG's plant production with over 4 decades of experience producing a wide range of OEM parts.


These OEM parts require many different materials, printing processes and ink systems to perform across a wide variety of applications. Our sales and production teams can recommend the best process to meet the engineered specs and performance required for your specific application.


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The Trailer Industry has become a staple of ALG production for some time, as we provide parts for some of the top trailer manufacturers in the US and Canada.


This industry is based on performance surrounding outdoor durable parts, along with safety messaging and reflectivity requirements.  Producing large company logos are also important to provide bold and unique branding for each trailer line as well as overall company brand.


With our years of experience, we can provide many options for bold and vibrant logos, safety and warning decals and reflectivity products.


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The core needs of the Waste Industry is providing safety and warnings messages, brand logos and instructional information on decals that must perform in some of the harshest environments day-after-day.


Materials must be rated for long term outdoor durability and our printing processes use ink systems that provide UV protection and are fade resistant. Additional durability can be gained by using coatings and laminates that provide scratch resistance and extend the overall life of the product.


UL approved systems play a part in this industry as well.


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