Flexographic Printing is a complete in-line process allowing for front and/or back printing, laminating, custom die cutting, perforating, slitting and sheeting performed in one continuous, high speed operation.


This makes high speed operation the most cost efficient option for large volume runs and provides products in rolls, sheets or fan folded labels.





ALG has multiple width flexographic presses to meet your label demands.  These presses are equipped to run both water-base and UV ink systems up to 8 colors to meet the specific label requirements of the end applications. 


ALG has a one color inline drop-on-demand UV Inkjet system on a flexographic press. This allows the option to provide variable data or static information to flexographic printed labels or labels with only UV Inkjet printed information.


This system can print up to 4.25" wide, which also provides the option to print graphics, text and variable data for UV Inkjet samples, prototypes

or short run jobs. 



ALG utilizes a 100% Inspection System on a Flexographic printing press to inspect all labels being produced.  This system is designed to take a scan of an approved first article and compare 100% of all labels printed back to the approved label.


It looks for a multitude of print defects and notifies the operator if one is detected.

Not only does the system inspect print quality, it also inspects bar code quality,

readability and color management.


This system helps to ensure the customer always receives perfect quality on every label printed.



Flexo Printing offers a wide range of inks including UV Cured, Water-based, Detergent Resistant, Thermal Transfer Receptive and Direct Thermal Compatible. Additional components to consider are UL Approved Indoor and Outdoor ink capabilities and inks with an outdoor durability for up to 5 years.


ALG has off-line rotary die cutters producing millions of blank labels each month.  These pieces of equipment produce roll-to-roll labels on standard core diameters of 1" and 3"  up to a finished outside diameter of 16".


 ALG also has turret rewinding capabilities which allow the production line to not stop when completing a finished roll.  The machine can transfer the web to a new set of cores at speeds of 400+ feet per minute.  This allows for greater efficiency and reduced waste, all factoring into ALG being the low cost producer

of quality custom decals and labels.


Fan Folding

Fan Folding is a finishing step in flexographic printing that provides an easy method of storing, shipping and having easy access for use at a later time.


A Laminating station can be added in Flexographic printing to provide a laminate  covering over the label.  This process provides the best option for adding durability to a label, as well as enhancing the overall label look.

Sheet Option

Another option with Flexographic printing is the ability to convert roll product into sheets.  This is done with a specialty tool and stacker/conveyor system mounted to the end of the press.


Turret Rewinding is a finishing process for flexographic printing producing a

specified number of labels per roll.


Varnish is used to enhance the overall appearance and performance of a label when printing on a flexographic press. It can add a gloss or matte effect providing a "finished" look to a label as well as providing another level of protection to the inks used. Varnish itself, has little to no color and is transparent, allowing the brightness of the printed inks to come through.


Films Aluminum Foil Bright, Matte with Permanent Adhesive 2.0 mils
Direct Thermal Coated Thermal White BOPP with All Temp Permanent Adhesive 3.2 mils
Laser, Drum Label White Laser Imprintable with Permanent Adhesive 4.0 mils
Polyester Clear, Bright Chrome, Silver Matte, Brushed Silver, White 2.0 mils
Polypropylene Clear, White 2.0 - 2.6 mils
Polystryene Clear, White 2.0 - 2.6 mils
Synthetic Paper White Polypropylene Film with the Look and Feel of Paper 3.0 mils
Thermal Transfer Clear, Bright Chrome, Silver Matte, Brushed Silver, White 2.0 - 4.0 mils
Tyvek White, Medical Grade Tyvek 6.0 mils
Unsupported Tag Coated or Uncoated Tear Resistant Tag 5.0 - 10.0 mils
Vinyl Clear, White 3.5 mils
Papers Direct Thermal Paper Coated Direct Thermal with All Temp Permanent Adhesive 53# / 40#
Direct Thermal Paper Uncoated Direct Thermal Paper with All Temp Permanent Adhesive 53# / 40#
EDP Paper Uncoated EDP Paper with General Purpose Permanent Adhesive 50# / 50#
Fluorescent Paper Chartreuse, Green, Orange, Pink, Red with Permanent Adhesive 60# / 40#
Gloss Paper Gloss Paper with All Temp Permanent Adhesive 60# / 40#
Laser Paper Uncoated Laser Paper with General Purpose Permanent Adhesive 50# / 45# Layflat Liner
Semi-gloss Paper Semi-gloss Paper with All Temp Permanent Adhesive 54# / 40#
Thermal Transfer Paper Thermal Transfer Paper with Blockout Permanent Adhesive 50# / 40#
Thermal Transfer Paper Thermal Transfer Paper with General Purpose Permanent Adhesive 50# / 40#
Laminates Polyester, Laminates Clear, Matte 1.0 mils
Outdoor, Laminates Clear with added UV Inhibitors for 5 year outdoor life 1.0 mils
Polypropylene, Laminates Clear, Matte .75 - 1.0 mils
Lexan Clear Velvet Polycarbonate with Superior Abrasion Resistance 3.0 - 5.0 mils

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