Conformability or Drape,  is a material characteristic that relates to flexibility.  Many label applications have uneven, curved, concave or round surfaces. To achieve adequate adhesion on these surfaces, the label material must have sufficient conformability.


A material may initially adhere to the uneven substrate and then a short time later lifting may occur at the edges.  If the "memory" in the material is sufficient enough to overcome the adhesive bond to the uneven surface, the label will likely fall off over time.  The label adhesive bond to the surface must exceed this material "memory".  A more conformable material has less "memory" and therefore a lesser bond is required for a label to remain attached to the substrate without any signs of lifting.


For example, 50# paper is a relatively stiff material.  Paper does not easily conform. When a paper label is applied to an uneven surface, wrinkles and creases form that detract from the look and function of the label. Vinyl is a very conformable substrate. It is often used on uneven surfaces so the label will lay smooth and flat.


ALG product managers work with customers to meet all of your label requirements including adhering to uneven surfaces. So whether your surface has ridges, small diameters or spherical characteristics, we have a substrate that will perform for your application.

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