A barcode is a system of symbols which identifies data through length, position, size or thickness of lines or symbols. It is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data/information. The data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.  Originally, barcodes represented data by varying the width and spacing of parallel lines.  These were denoted as a "1D" or one dimensional barcodes as they were read by the scanner in a one direction, linear process.


Later "2D" or two dimensional codes were developed, using rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns in two dimensions which allowed for larger amounts of data/information to be represented in a much smaller area.


Barcodes are printed on a majority of the labels and decals that ALG supplies to our customers.  While most barcodes are printed by ALG on the label, many of ALG's customers also print barcodes onto labels via thermal transfer or direct thermal printing, supplied by ALG.


Because so many of our customers' applications involve barcodes, ALG has knowledge, experience and expertise in barcode symbologies, standards, quality control, layout and producing all types of barcodes.


Contact ALG for assistance with your labels requiring static barcodes, variable data barcodes, barcode validation, in-house barcode printing or UL label requirements involving in-house barcode printing.  See below for additional information on barcode types, barcode validation, barcode verification/grading and barcodes containing variable data.  Also see ALG products section for info on Variable Data, Fire Suppression and Serialized for just some examples of labels ALG produces that include static and variable data barcodes.




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