Automatic Application is a process whereby fully automatic labeling equipment dispenses labels from a liner at varying speeds and applies them to the container in the proper position, wrinkle free.


ALG daily produces labels that will be applied by our customers with automatic labeling equipment.


One of the most critical requirements is that the label MUST remove easily from the liner. Therefore proper die cutting of the label material without damaging or fracturing the liner is required.


If the cutting is too deep, the liner will break due to tension in the application process or the label adhesive may stick to exposed paper liner due to deep

cut-through of the silicone coating, exposing paper fibers to the adhesive.

The proper setting of the tooling specifications is a critical component to ensure the labels will meet or exceed the application requirements.


The blades on the rotary cutting dies are set to cut through the face stock and adhesive to the silicone layer of the liner. The blades just "kiss" the silicone layer without fracturing it, so the liner stays intact.




ALG has strict quality control processes, (as seen in the section below), to ensure the depth of cut is set properly to work on all types of automatic labeling equipment.

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