Aluminum Nameplates are a great choice for harsh, abrasive environments, either indoor or out, that need to perform for long-term use. ALG produces small and medium quantity runs of aluminum products for many of our OEM customers.


ALG has long served the industrial, trailer and agricultural markets with outdoor durable nameplates that are screen printed with full color logos, model plates, data plates, information/instructional plates and more.


ALG offers many options in the production of  Aluminum Nameplates such as:


  • UL Approved print systems for aluminum nameplates - ALG 3
  • Stamping for long run, burr free special shape aluminum nameplates
  • .020 mil aluminum, in silver or white
  • Finishing capabilities for aluminum printed parts that include laminating adhesives, clear premask, hole punching and round corners
  • Routing capabilities for special shapes and critical tolerances



ALG manufacturers Aluminum Nameplates using two printing processes:


  • Screen Printing: A printing process that allows for a heavy ink deposit to be laid down,  resulting in rich, vivid colors while providing significant ink durability.


  • UV Inkjet : The advantages of this printing process are it allows for overall good ink opacity, smear resistant and sharp contrast with very little set-up time or cost. Ideal for short runs, this digital process provides consistent production from the first run to the last. Another perk of using UV ink is that it is environmentally friendly.


There are several options when it comes to cutting Aluminum Nameplates. These options are:


  • Digital Routing:  Routing is the ability to provide consistent deep or through cuts on rigid materials such as aluminum or multi-layered plastic. This custom cutting process delivers tight tolerances and smooth edges for short to mid-quantity runs.


  • Guillotine : This high-speed cutter delivers hairline accuracy with precise and clean cuts. This equipment's sturdy construction allows it to cut even the hardest materials with accuracy, making this a good choice in producing large volumes of aluminum nameplates.



  • Hydraulic Stamping: This equipment is able to handle long runs of aluminum nameplates that require custom sizes or shapes. The machine uses a die cutting process that is hydraulically powered to "stamp" through the entire material, adhesive and backing layers in just one pass, leaving burr-free edges.


Other finishing options are:


  • Hole Punching: A common feature seen on many Aluminum Nameplates, is hole punching. This is an ideal way to secure the nameplate on equipment, in outdoor conditions and for long-term performance. Holes can be punched to your size and specs, as well as any number of locations.


  • Round Corners:  Round corners is an alternative to die cutting as this process does not require custom tooling nor very much setup time, making this a cost efficient choice. Using this finishing solution on Aluminum Nameplate eliminates the sharp corners that may cause injury during application.  ALG has a large inventory of corner radius tooling to provide the radius you require.




Screen Printing

UV InkJet




Hole Punch


Round Corners

Hydraulic Stamping

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