ALG Safety Colors were developed to deliver premium color with significant outdoor durability and are proven with over 20+ years in the field.


These high performing inks were developed using single grind, richly pigmented industrial inks with excellent light-fast and abrasion resistant properties, delivering a superior ink system to our customers.


ALG Safety Colors match the ANSI approved standards - Z535.1-2017.


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ANSI Standards Z535.1-2017 - Safety Colors

Please note that the ANSI color images may look different on your screen than when produced on a product.

"Danger" indicates an immediate hazard which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.


  • Danger signs should be limited to the most extreme situations and signify that special precautions are necessary.
  • The heading “DANGER” is printed in white letters on a red background and is preceded by the safety alert symbol (an equilateral triangle surrounding an exclamation mark).
  • The message should be printed in black or red letters on a white background, or white letters on a black background.
  • Additional safety symbols may be included in the message area.

 “Warning” indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.


  • Represent a hazard level between caution and danger.
  • The heading “WARNING” (preceded by the safety alert symbol) is written in black on an orange background.
  • Additional wording and safety symbols are printed in black on the lower portion of the sign.
  • Warning signs and labels can be any size, but it is appropriate for the sign to be noticed and easily read from a safe distance.
  • They need to communicate the warning information before someone is in a dangerous area or acts in a dangerous manner.

"Caution" indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury.


  • Caution signs are used in areas where potential injury or equipment damage is possible, or to caution against unsafe practices.
  • Caution signs should only be used if there is a risk of personal injury.
  • The heading “CAUTION” is written in black letters on a yellow background and is preceded by the safety alert symbol.
  • The message and safety symbols in the body of the sign are printed in black.

"Notice" provides general information that is important or relevant to a building, an area, a machine, or equipment.


  • Notice signs address practices not related to personal injury.
  • The heading “NOTICE” should be in white italic letters on a blue background.
  • Notice signs should never include the safety alert symbol.
  • The body of the sign is white, and the message is in blue or black lettering on a white background, or white lettering on a black background.
  • Safety symbols can be printed in either blue or black.
  • Notice signs can include information about procedures, operating instructions, maintenance information, rules, or directions.

"Instructions" are used to provide notices of general practice and rules relating to health, first aid, medical equipment, sanitation, housekeeping, and suggestions relative to general safety measures.


  • Signs containing safety instructions or procedures should use heading “SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS” or “SAFETY PROCEDURES.”
  • Signs indicating the location of safety equipment should use a specific header such as “EYEWASH.”
  • If multiple safety items are in the same location, simply use the header “SAFETY EQUIPMENT.”
  • The message and safety symbols should be printed in green or black on a white background.
  • The signs may also be printed in white on a green background. These signs should never include the safety alert symbol.

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  • Various samples of Safety and Warning decals

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