ALG Labels & Graphics is committed to providing quality custom products with the highest level of service and support.


ALG stays focused on being responsive, making it easy to do business with us and the continuous improvement of our processes and products.


TRAINING - Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable (EDGE)


ORDERLINESS - Everything has a place and a place for everything (5S)


SAFETY - Nothing we produce at ALG is worth anyone getting injured!


EQUIPMENT - Maintained, Operating Properly, Repaired Quickly


ALG focuses on our

Quality Policy

by applying these guidelines:

PROCESSES - Understand conceptually, perform expertly and produce quality product.


TESTING - If you have not done it before, never learn at the expense of the customer.


REPEATABLE PRODUCTION - Document Recipe, Qualified People, Latest Equipment and Quality Assurance


QUALIFIED PEOPLE - Hire and retain mature, capable, positive givers who get it, want it and are coachable.


MEASURE - For continuous improvement, positive trends and overall performance


AUDIT and ACCOUNTABILITY - Humans similar to water, will over time, gravitate to the lowest level.


ALG Labels & Graphics is certified to the

International Management System Standard.


ALG is certified to the International Management System Standard: ISO 9001:2015.


This certification reflects our commitment to quality in every aspect of service and manufacturing.  This standard is published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.


ISO 9001 is an internationally accepted set of quality management systems requirements that can be applied to any service or manufacturing organization, providing proven, successful approaches to achieving customer and management quality goals.  ISO certification is the foundation for the development of our quality system; it enables process improvement and boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of our system.


Implementing a quality management system registered to ISO 9001:2015 has led to benefits such as:


  • A demonstrated commitment to customers of strengthening "organizational capability"
  • Improved processes that result in reduction of errors and risk of rework
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • An enhanced image of the organization through proactive quality focused leadership
  • A recognized responsibility for, and involvement with, quality by the entire organization
  • Better defined processes and sub-processes
  • Recognition of deterrents to the operation's efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identified opportunities for improvement
  • Improved communications among employees


Please follow this link to view our ISO 9001 Certification.


From the GM down to the shipping staff, these ALG Quality Questions are asked every step of the way:




Does it meet ALG Specifications?


Would you stand next to the customer

while they reviewed it?


Would you be willing to be EVALUATED based on this alone?


Would you BUY IT?



The below quality metrics are calculated and received on a regular basis throughout the year:


  • Company PPM
  • Company Part Return Percentage
  • Division PPM
  • Division Part Return Percentage
  • Vendor PPM
  • Vendor Part Return Percentage
  • Non-Conforming materials
  • Return Goods & Customer Complaints
  • Sales Dollars per Instance on Return Goods & Customer Complaints
    • Company Total
    • Manufacturing Division Total
  • Internal Double Set-ups
  • On Time Delivery
    • Company Percentage
    • Manufacturing Division Percentage
  • Quality Retain Audits per Manufacturing Division: Flexographic, Screen, Digital and Art


Internal quality audits are also performed for all key processes listed within the quality management system.  Each key process is audited on an annual basis to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.



ALG Labels & Graphics list specific quality objectives and targets within

our "Quality Management System".

 Each of the quality objectives is measured to verify performance and continual improvement opportunities.


ALG Labels & Graphics has full material and quality traceability on all parts produced.


This traceability allows us to quickly respond to the customer if an issue were to arise.  Each part produced is tied back to a specific material lot number from the raw material manufacturer and all quality checks are retained and kept for a rolling 24 month period.

 The retained quality checks are listed below but are not limited to the following:


  • Raw material usage report
  • Raw material roll tags (if applicable)
  • Production sign off per part
  • Minimum 3 finished parts
  • Ink adhesion test
  • Material curl test
  • Bar code scan reporting
  • Die strike/stain testing
  • Spectrophotometer Readings (if applicable)
  • Transmission Densitometer Readings (if applicable)
  • Perforation test samples
  • Other

ALG Labels and Graphics is a custom manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and decals celebrating over 50 years in business.  Our focus is delivering value to our customers with responsive service, quality products and low cost production.  Our mission is to make it easy for you to do business with ALG.

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