ALG produces thousands of safety decals for OEM's, agriculture and waste equipment manufacturers on a daily basis.  These industries share many common label and decal requirements of outdoor durability, application on less than ideal surfaces and in a wide range of temperatures.


To meet these requirements, ALG Premium Vinyl was introduced to our customers over 20 years ago. This product has evolve to today's top-of-the-line vinyl that delivers the features you see below. ALG continues to produce millions of square inches of this proven product on an annual basis.

Key features for ALG Premium Vinyl are:


  • Outdoor durability of 5+ years
  • Permanent adhesion to less receptive surfaces like:
    • Low surface energy plastics
    • Powder painted metal
    • Fiberglass
    • Polycarbonate
  • Good initial tack to allow for fast application
  • Application temperature is 32+ F
  • Adhesion performs across a wide range of temperatures from -40F to 176F
  • A strong, ultimate bond and high shear adhesive
  • Minimal shrinkage once applied so there is no adhesive residue exposed
  • Resisting any lifting from outgassing of paints and plastics
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Long term performance and good value



ALG Premium Vinyl Features

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