Adhesion is the measure of strength with which one material sticks to another.

Adhesion is one of the key performance criteria for ALG's products.



There are 4 key factors that must be considered in determining adhesion:


  • Surface to which the label is being applied
  • Environmental Conditions at initial application and 3-4 hours following application
  • Application Process
  • Label or Decal Construction including adhesive, materials, size and conformability



To solve our customers' adhesion problems and meet their adhesion requirements, ALG focuses on:


  • Knowledge of adhesive types, properties and performances
  • Application engineering to provide custom solutions to meet your adhesion requirements
  • Having a "Stable" of proven, field tested commodity, pressure sensitive adhesive materials that meet our customers' label performance requirements.


If you have adhesion performance problems or tough application requirements, the ALG sales and customer service teams, along with our product managers, will listen, recommend and then test, proving out our recommendations for your specific applications.


Below, are the related areas that ALG can provide experience and knowledge to your adhesion challenges.





In the application process, applying firm pressure to the label increases adhesive flow and contact for more secure bonding. Time and temperature will typically further increase contact and adhesion values.


The below images shows how adhesive performance can be improved.


Different design challenges require different adhesive solutions. Below are some of the ways that adhesion must perform in different products, solutions that ALG can deliver for our customers.




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