Abrasion resistance is the degree that a label surface is able to resist rubbing or wearing from friction.  With over 40 years producing durable, outdoor labels, ALG knows some label systems require abrasion resistance.


For this application, we have developed solutions to combat wear and tear, starting by using only the highest grade of abrasion resistant inks.  Additional protection is gained through our use of these options:


  • Overprint Varnish - a cost effective option providing minimal abrasion and friction resistance
  • Polypropylene Over-lamination - a cost effective overlam option, which provides the label with a protective film
  • Polyester Over-lamination - provides a stiff, tear resistant layer of abrasion protection, as well as chemical resistance
  • Polycarbonate Over-lamination - provides ranges of 3 to 5 mil thickness for significant exposure resistance
  • Screen printed product on Aluminum - designed for heavy use, this option performs in even the toughest environments


Additionally, our UL approved products undergo specific abrasion testing to meet

UL 969 Standards and UL 299 Standards.  These tests are outlined below.


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