2D (two-dimensional) Barcodes are seen across so many industries for two reasons: they can store many more data "types" (pictures, audio and more) than a 1D barcode  AND it allows for scanning by a smart phone, essentially putting scannable data in the hands of millions. This is why the 2D QR code is know as a "quick response code", due to its fast data delivery.


The simple use of a camera on a phone equipped with a "barcode reader", interprets the encoded URL, which directs the browser to the relevant information on a Web site. This capability had made 2D barcodes useful across many industries. If you are in a store, you can scan a price tag and find out more about the product, its uses and even accessories.  Some QR codes contain a hyperlink that takes the user directly to a website for even more detailed information. With the use of the 2D flexible encoding features, the QR Code can even deliver "feature" videos, coupons and other product information.


These two dimensional barcodes (2D) are also very useful for companies that need to provide more information through this delivery method, yet have smaller places on their label for a barcode to go. They are ideal for information that needs to move with an item such as warranty updates,  access to parts lists, accessories or even assembly documents.





Another great feature of a 2D barcode is the built-in error correction features that will let you scan a barcode even if the label is slightly damaged. This make 2D barcodes ideal for rugged use environments, especially when paired with durable label materials, that will keep scanning and performing even when exposed to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.


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