For over 40 years, ALG has been a decal supplier to Ag Equipment manufacturers.  Now with over 20 long term accounts, ALG knows the decal requirements and the service levels this market demands.


Each day, ALG screen, digital and flexo divisions produce decals for our Ag Equipment customers.  These decals are to ANSI standards and manufactured with ALG outdoor durable Safety Colors and materials that have been field tested for 20+ years.  The performance of these decals is designed with the ability to adhere to low surface energy plastics and power or wet spray enamel painted surfaces.



ALG has been a longtime member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and actively participate on selected product safety committees.



The extreme heat present in the Commercial Cooking Equipment industry requires that the labeling withstand certain high temperatures. The performance standards of these labels are measured by undergoing UL testing to ensure performance.

Here are a few key points in providing quality labels to this industry:


  • Variety of decal substrates provides a range of resistance to heat.
  • Durability to withstand this environment
  • UV Inks provide vibrant colors
  • UL Approved



With four decades of experience in producing to OEM standards,  this continues to be a core segment of ALG business.  Original Equipment Manufacturers require a wide range of parts .


ALG understands the importance of manufacturing labels across many processes to meet engineered specifications as we work hand-in-hand with each manufacturer's design and engineering team.


 Additionally, providing prototypes and First Articles as well as meeting the supply chain deadlines of this industry, are just some of the value we provide to our OEM customers.





ALG continues to have a strong presence in the Waste Equipment industry, producing specifically engineered decals for this market that deliver safety, brand identity and instructional information.


At ALG, we know that these decals must perform in harsh conditions, so being outdoor durable is part of our achieved manufacturing process with the use of fade resistant inks and various high performing substrates.


ALG is a member of the National Waste and Recycling Association, (NWRA)

and we actively participate on select safety committees.




As a recent addition to our "Markets Served" list, Medical Equipment is an emerging market for us, as we supply one of the largest producers of medical equipment in North America.


With ALG's ISO Certification and many printing processes that provide a wide range of products, the Medical Equipment industry has found us, a perfect fit for their needs.


Able to manufacture labels that perform to the highest standards this industry requires, ALG continues to deliver a wide range of decals for this market's many applications.




From vehicle identification plates to safety and logo decals, ALG has long been a valued supplier to the trailer market, producing parts for some of the top manufacturers in this industry for many years.


Our Application Engineers understand the unique requirements to this industry,  and work with each manufacturer's design/engineering team to incorporate all specs needed, along with providing Prototypes and First Articles.





As an industry undergoing some significant changes, ALG was recently able to add this industry to our production efforts, creating products for the chemical manufacturers.  With a wide range of chemicals, the labeling within this industry has many challenges. Durability to specific chemicals, length of use of the container itself, messaging needed to the user, all factor into the needs of any specific label. A few general needs within this industry are: variable data, outdoor durable and chemical resistance.




In 2000,  ALG was approved by UL to produce labels that meet the UL 299 standard.  The product approved was a new construction that improved opacity, destructibility, repositionability and durability that is now the industry standard.


Since then, ALG has continued to improve its products to meet all of our FE customers demanding requirements.   ALG now has 6 UL 299 approved systems.


The ALG Flexo Division has a production line dedicated to running these products so as to provide consistent quality, quick turnaround and deliver on-time products to our FE customer.

ALG Labels and Graphics is a custom manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels and decals celebrating over 50 years in business.  Our focus is delivering value to our customers with responsive service, quality products and low cost production.  Our mission is to make it easy for you to do business with ALG.

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