Finishing Solution range from directly enhancing the printed produce itself to providing different types of packaging and kitting options.


Some of the options for finishing are:


back slitting, doming, guillotine cutting, hole punching, kitting, laminating, round corners, stamping, and clamshell, steel rule and thermal die cutting.








Process of cutting through the back layer for easy removal and ease of application.


Enhancement of an image by laying a clear, flexible "bubble" of urethane as the top layer of material after the printed substrate, adhesive and backing have been assembled.  This process not only gives a unique look to the finished label but also provides a rugged layer of material that is waterproof, rustproof, and has scratch, fade, and chemical resistant properties.


This machine allows for the precise use of cutting aluminum nameplates as well as a variety of other more rigid materials, leaving a straight

and clean edge.


One of ALG's finishing options for aluminum nameplates, hole punching is an ideal way to secure these type of products seen in use on heavy equipment as well as in extreme outdoor conditions.  Holes can be punched to your size and specs, as well as number of placements.


This finishing process is a fulfillment method that allows for the assembly of individual labels into ready-to-ship sets or kits. This allows the end user to save time during the application process since all of the labels or decals needed for a specific piece of equipment, are all packaged together and accessible.


This is a cost effective process since it reduces multiple production set-ups,  eliminates the misalignment of multiple decals, greatly reduces the number of SKU's and prevents the chance of overlooking the application of a decal.


This process requires a protective film be placed over the final decal to insure that label can withstand the environmental conditions it requires.   This topcoat can vary in thickness to withstand greater extremes. This film is fused to the label and provides a finish that resists exposure to abrasions and chemical environments.


Round Cornering Machines are an alternative to die cutting as this process does not require tooling and requires little setup time.  Round corners on a decal are easier to apply as they eliminate the sharp edges and also prevent

people "picking" at the sharp corners.


It is a cost efficient process to round corner decals for short and medium size decal runs.  ALG has a large inventory of corner radius tooling to provide the radius you desire.



Stamping is a finishing process using a male and female die set in a hydraulic press to "stamp" out a finished part.  This process is used for larger run production of aluminum plates.  It provides smooth, consistent and tight tolerance cutting process and allows ALG to stamp out very rigid screen printed products.





This process is used to cut a variety of materials by using a die that outlines the desired label. It can also cut perforations, slits and more.




Fast and efficient, a die outlines the desired area and cuts a shape, perforation or back-slit as the sheet of material with the printed label runs

through at a rapid fire pace.


Thermal die cutting works best when kiss cutting on vinyl.  This process uses controlled heat to displace tiny portions of material as it moves through a die that is chemically etched. These dies have amazing precision allowing for intricate patterns and designs.

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